Building bridges, accelerating drug development.

Our Approach

We will facilitate and assist you to find the right partners in China. We will also help you to overcome barriers and difficulties in policy, culture, and language to ensure the speedy and smooth business acumen and success. For now, we also apply SMO(Site Management Organization) service under international rules in Chinese cities to help clinical trails.

Our Team

MedStar has assembled a professional team consisting of experts in biotechnology research, drug development, clinical trials, and international pharmaceutical and medical device regulations. Dr. Jing Bao, our Chief Scientific Advisor, brings 16 years of clinical research experience from the NIH and has served as CMO for several pharmaceutical companies, as well as a partner at Shanghai Biomedical Fund. Director Hu Haiyan from the Oncology Department of Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital has extensive experience in the treatment of osteosarcoma and drug clinical trials.

Site Management Organization

We are committed to building a communication bridge for bio-pharmaceutical clinical trials in China, aiming to assist clients in accelerating clinical trials at the most reasonable cost while enhancing research quality. We offer a one-stop service in China, which includes participant recruitment, CRC deployment, PM management, project matching, and a range of related services.

Finding Innovative Technologies

China is a vast country with enormous business opportunities. Recent economic growth has made China one of the biggest economies in the world. With the recent improvement in regulatory landscape, IP protection, and the implementation of international business standards, China is more attractive for business development than ever.

Site visits and conferences

The ICUC organizes Mission-targeted site visits for Israeli companies to learn and research their potential business partners.

We will also provide you opportunities to participate in China’s bio-med research and business conferences as well as ICUC organized seminars and conferences.

Assistance with business Logistics

Our team of experts with multidisciplinary experiences will ensure speedy delivery of the projects and assist you with logistic matters. We will help you overcome the policy, culture, and language barriers, to ensure the speedy and smooth business acumen and success.

Product exporting

MedStar Bridge is your ideal partner for exporting products to the Chinese market. Through our presence in China, we can assist you in cost-effective sourcing of suitable local partners and distributors, as well as gaining insights into the local market landscape. This ensures that your products can maintain a competitive edge in China.

Communications and Negotiations

Effective communication is the key to business success. Language barriers plus culture differences have been the cause for many business failures in the past. Our team of experts with multi-culture background will facilitate and assist with the communications between all parties.

"It’s better to act than to sit."

Welcome to MedStar Bridge

Welcome visit “MedStar Bridge” Web-page. We are dedicated to reduce disease burden and improve quality of lives by building bridges for medicine from West to East, and vise versa. We also build bridges for the stars of medicine by providing international standard of training and certification programs for drug development. One of the focuses is to bring together bio-med innovations from Israeli, to the patients in China, US, and the world. We promote and facilitate global joint efforts to accelerate the “bench to bedside” processes. We also collaborate with the funding agencies to ensure the brightest minds across the globe were well nourished and supported.

Besides ideals, we also believe the power of actions. For bio-med, clinical trails is the only way to make all these great ideas go to market from the lab. And this is why we have our own SMO(Site Management Organization) service. By delivering our services comply with both Chinese and international standard, we cam expedite the clinical trial timeline of innovative drugs and accelerate the commercialization process of products, all within a reasonable price range.

If you are interested in a strategic collaboration to develop your medical product, we would love to hear from you! We will make every effort to bring your innovation to the patients sooner and cheaper!


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